By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

It’s confirmed retailers, Rock Candy Toys and East Coast News have inked a distribution deal to bring you the ultimate selection of irresistible impulse items to adult retailers.

As one of the leading distributor’s premier brands, Rock Candy Toys will be supported by ECN’s customer service and retailer support.

“We’re thrilled to offer this fresh, fun and playful new collection to our customers,” said a East Coast News spokesperson.. “Retailers have been craving and raving about the Rock Candy Toys collection as a toy line unlike anything else out there. Our customers are really excited about bringing Rock Candy Toys’ in-store ‘Candy Shoppe’ experience to their stores. This line effectively sells itself with candy-inspired shapes and colors and vibrant displays that will make any shopper’s mouth water.”

As one of ECN’s premier brands, Rock Candy Toys will be the focus of ECN’s staff, with seminars and training’s on the brand’s unique marketability and the line’s one-of-a-kind features. Rock Candy also will be prominently showcased at ECN events and trade shows that the company participates in.

“We are very pleased to work with ECN on this project and the launch of the new Rock Candy line” added David Joseph, Rock Candy Partner and long-time industry vet and recent AVN Hall of Fame inductee.

“Rock Candy Toys seamlessly fit in and brighten any adult retail environment with its sexy-yet-whimsical fun look,” said Rock Candy Toys President Keith Caggiano. “Our creative team set out to create a multi-sensory experience that shoppers will instantly gravitate to, and will keep them coming back for more.” said Caggiano.

Rock Candy Toys come in dazzling glazed clear packaging that is enhanced by hints of frosting, touches of power-popping pink and drizzled with vibrantly candy-colored polka dots.

The alluring packaging stands out in Rock Candy Toys’ one-of-a-kind displays ship to retailers ready to easily assemble—simply tear away a perforated section of the box that the toys come in and adjust the pullout tray to showcase the items in a unique candy dispenser.

“Our inspiration for the Candy Shoppe was to create a memorable in-store destination where customers will not want to walk away empty-handed,” said Caggiano. “Our design team out-did themselves with the easy-to-assemble candy dispenser displays that make an even greater impact when showcased side-by-side as a multi-unit display. Rock Candy Toys is the ultimate collection for retailers to carry to effortlessly add to their bottom line.” concluded Caggiano.

The new designs from Rock Candy Toys include Gummy Ball, Gummy Vibe, Mega Mini Bullet, Candy Stick, Swirls, Suga Stick and Lala Pop, among others. Each item in the Rock Candy Toys collection features a unique, ergonomic shape designed with pleasure in mind. Satisfy your customers’ craving for something sweet! The selection comes in dulcified colors such as Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Cinnamon, Blueberry and Grape Jelly Bean.

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