By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Adult film star Stormy Daniels scored a major ratings victory with her interview on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper that scored a 16.3 share rating (22 Million viewers) on Sunday March 25.

Daniels has been the talk of the bloggospheres worldwide including cable news morning shows on the revelations of her alleged affair with then citizen Donald J. Trump.

This was the second interview Cooper has conducted with women who allege to have had a sexual affair with the now president of these United States.

The first one was with former Playboy model Karen McDougal who alleges a past affair with Trump.

The reason why Americans were so tuned in to the Daniels interview with Anderson Cooper was over the actress claiming she had sex with Trump in 2006 and was paid $130,000 in hush money 11 days prior to the 2016 election and paid for by Trump’s personal attorney by Michael Cohen.

Daniels told Cooper she decided to finally speak out and tell the true story about the events that took place between Trump and his alleged associates which included tales of bullying tactics that she said she received from Trump’s legal team, the pay-off by wannabe gangster style attorney Michael Cohen and more.

When Daniels was prepared to give details on the affair to a gossip magazine which allegedly took place while Melania Trump who was pregnant with their now son Barron, to a gossip magazine in 2011, she claims that she was threatened to keep her mouth shut. Daniels told Cooper about the incident where she described encountering a man in Las Vegas while she was getting out of her car with her daughter. “Leave Trump alone, forget the story,” said Daniels about what the man told her. “That’s a beautiful little girl, it’d be a shame if something happened to her mom.” said Daniels.

The tabloid (The National Enquirer), buried the story and that’s when Daniels said she felt frightened to come out and tell her story. So when Cohen showed up out of no where in 2016, only a few weeks before the 2016 election, she came up with the idea of making money off of remaining silent.

Cooper asked Daniels about the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which indicates that Daniels agreed to turn over any and all emails, text messages and any other communications the adult film star had pertaining to her affair with president Trump. Did she do that?

Daniels responded….”I can’t answer that right now. My attorney has recommended I don’t discuss those things.” Watch a few of the clips below.

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