By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

OUT [2018] is the new music single from openly gay filmmaker and music pop artist Matthew Wood of the United Kingdom who brings you an impressive budget for his new music video, OUT [2018].

Produced by Lostgarden Productions, Wood brings fellow cast members Anke Engelke, Caroline Hanke, Tyshea Lashaune Suggs, Eray Gulay and over 20 dancers draped in eye catching costumes that will have LGBTQ fans chatting about for weeks!

OUT [2018] was written and composed by Matthew Wood and Johannes Schepp, Amo Kroger and Jonas Weu and is now available on iTunes, Amazon and SPOTIFY.

Cast: Matthew Wood | Anke Engelke | Caroline Hanke | Tyshea Lashaune Suggs | Eray Gulay

genre: Pop Music

Matthew Wood Official Website

Directed by: Michael Knöfler | Laura N. Junghanns

Production co: Lostgarden Production

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Release date: March 10, 2018

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