By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Style Fetish Industries signs an exclusive U.S. Distribution deal with powerhouse 665 Leather and the 665 Distribution Center for its ‘MUST STOCK’ Fetish and BDSM collection for Men!

One of the ‘MUST STOCK’ items is the Style Fetish Raptor 2.0. With the professional Raptor bench, Style Fetish has created furniture that brings hedonism to a boil, so that even the most inhibited give way to their impulses.

This multi-functional bench can’t be beat in terms of possibility—it is the next step in the evolution of Style Fetish’s S-Style, Venom and Predator bench series. Due to its innovative construction in its modular system, this furniture offers almost limitless possibility for playing, even in small spaces. For example, the spread width of the knee and arm rests is flexible and infinitely adjustable thanks to its integrated adjustment mechanism. This guarantees both the practical and the exciting.

Then there is the stunning Style Fetish Deluxe Hellcat Bench which is an innovative and stylish bench that redefines the terms multi-functionality and flexibility.  Style Fetish has optimized the frame in order to maximize flexibility and make this bench adaptable to any situation. The bench’s striking appearance is not only due to its visual appeal, but its promise of almost unlimited opportunities for play and adjust-ability. Due to its overbuilt frame and adjust-ability, the Hellcat offers play for both the big and the small. The frame of the multi-functional Hellcat stands on four adjustable legs with rubber rollers so that the bench can be brought to the ideal height and angle. With the Deluxe options, the Hellcat is transformed into other fully-functioning devices, such as an examination chair.

If you thought those two items were something just wait until you feast your eyes on the Style Fetish Super Boomer! The Super Boomer is the latest version of the perfect examination chair. This BDSM chair offers the highest level of experience by distinguishing itself from all the other chairs on the market. With its exciting and innovative functions, coupled with a spectacular look and feel, this premium examination chair rewards its owner with the fulfillment of even the most mind-blowing fantasies.

The almost endless adjustment and setting options, as well as the pre-installed rails, allow the chair to be modified with additional equipment. The height of the Super Boomer is fully adjustable in via a wireless remote control, and can be tilted into the desired position. The wireless remote control allows you to adjust both the height and the angle. Lower it to the minimum height of 50cm to get onto the chair, then raise it and watch it tilt back automatically.

The Super Boomer also features steel cuffs for hands, upper arms and the neck, limiting the sub’s ability to move. The rotatable cuffs adjust to the angle of the arms and hands while forcing the sub into the desired position.

These are just a few of the ‘MUST STOCK’ items now shipping from 665 Leather and the 665 Distribution Center. For wholesale information, contact a veteran account representative at the 665 Distribution Center at (818) 678-9193 | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter

Adult consumers can visit the 665 Leather Official Online Superstore or visit their retail location at 8722 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA (Map It).

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