By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

While Defense Secretary James Mattis has already indicated that his recommendation to President Trump is to keep Transgender Troops in the Armed services, the Human Rights Campaign as well as other LGBTQ advocacy groups are not taking any chances and have launched a nationwide television ad campaign that started Friday March 2, demanding that the impulse president Trump drop his attempt to ban transgender service members from the military.

The new 30-second spot will run on morning shows on CNN, MSNBC and president Trump’s favorite opinionated cable news channel, Fox News.

The “Patriots” ad features comments from politicians knocking the ban as unconstitutional and harmful to national security. “An impulsive president tweets that transgender Americans won’t be allowed to serve,” states the ads. “But decorated military leaders say there’s no reason to single out these brave heroes.”

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Matt Thorn, president and CEO of OutServe-SLDN, one of the sponsors of the ad, said in a statement that trans service members “deserve a commander-in-chief who values their commitment, their honor, their courage to this country, and their willingness to risk their lives in defense of its freedoms.”

Trump’s plan had been set to go into effect March 23, but its future is uncertain in light of the court rulings.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis last month delivered his recommendations concerning trans troops to Trump, but details have not been revealed.

“The secretary of defense made his recommendation to the White House,” Pentagon spokesman Maj. Dave Eastburn confirmed to our newsroom. “The recommendation was a private conversation between the secretary and the White House, and the contents of the conversation will remain private.” said Maj. Eastburn.

As I stated at the beginning of my article, rumor has it that Defense Secretary Mattis has urged Trump to continue the standing policy pertaining to transgender troops in the U.S. Armed Services.

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