By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

Mistress [2018] is the fresh new single and music video from Seattle-based openly gay rapper and musician Jeffrey Evans Jr. aka JEFF IS HE. The music video is already capturing attention from the LGBTQ marketplace.

JEFF IS HE dropped the ‘Mistress’ music video last Wednesday Feb. 21 and has already broke into the Gay Music Chart 2018 Week 09 debuting at No. 38.

The theme of the music video finds JEFF IS HE frustrated with a male lover who he feels isn’t giving 100% of himself to the relationship. Rather than treat Jeff as his boyfriend or partner, he treats the obvious bottom like a mistress.

JEFF HE IS told GayPowerCouple Network on his mission to expand Hip-Hop for the LGBT marketplace that is desperately craving for it;
“‘I feel like there has to be a representation,’ said Jeff. ‘If you don’t see anything that looks like you, or sounds like you, or walks like you, or talks like you, you have no roots to start from.‘Growing up as a young gay man I never saw anybody that looked like me, especially in music – someone who was trying to be sexual, or be adventurous, and you’re fat, and you’re black and you’re feminine or you’re queer. ‘You’re making this music that people would tell you a skinny person should be making. I have literally had producers tell me, “How about we not put your face on this record? Then once the music becomes marketable we can work out how to change your image to put you out. That type of shit drives me crazy. I don’t see a lot of plus size guys of color. You don’t get to see many gay men in my size range. You have some people in hip hop but … there’s no regular representation. No-one I can relate to or think I could connect with that or that guy could be an influence for me. So that’s just where it comes from – a lack of representation.” Jeff told GayPowerCouple.

JEFF HE IS has also been making the radio interview rounds to promote his gay themed hip hop hit which alone shows that the marketplace is about to get fresh new blood injected into it which has long been over due and bound to generate more Gay themed hip hop tracks for a market that has yet to be tapped which a serious priority.

Cast: Jeffrey Evans Jr | Derrick Lee Fullwood

genres: Hip Hop Music

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Directed by: Jeffrey Evans Jr.

Produced by: Arturo Safin

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