By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Retailers big news from the award-winning Eldorado Trading Company as they have announced its latest Elevate U lesson on sex tech, which is designed to support retailers in starting educationally based conversations about products where tech can expand their access to long-distance intimacy or other sexual experiences.

“Lesson 15 will be great for tech nerds and sexual explorers alike,” said Kira Manser, clinical director of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health. “We’re excited to explore some of the ways that technology has expanded people’s access to long-distance intimacy and other sexual experiences that weren’t otherwise possible.” said Manser.

In the lesson, participants will learn how to: define the term ‘teledildonics’ and how to give a brief history of the concept; identify two ways that technology has broadened the uses for sex toys; and compare and contrast two different app-based platforms that integrate with sex toys.

Retailers, you will be enrolled in lesson 15 upon completing lesson 14! The e-learning series is available to active Eldorado customers as an added value to working with Eldorado.

For more information about ElevateU and to enroll in the program, visit | Learn more about the CSPH.

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