By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Three British tourists have been arrested and charged by Gran Canaria police in Spain’s Canary Islands on charges that they mocked a gay couple on a flight to the islands and then continued on with their harassing actions on the gay couple later on the ground.

The gay couple whose names have not been released, told police that the three people “mocked” them with homophobic comments. The verbal abuse began on the flight from Nottingham and continued even after they had landed and took the bus to their hotel on Gran Canaria.

The victims of the harassment gave a description to police who were able to quickly arrest the three alleged offenders and took them into custody. They were brought before a judge on charges that they committed “a crime against the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution” of Spain. The arrests took place February 9, but police just released the information this week.

The defendants in the case were not identified but ranged in age between 25 to 28. No information has been released on the punishment that the judge is considering in this case that originally took place back on February 9 but only released to the media a few days ago.

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