By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Rock Hard [2018] is the long awaited production from Helix Studios that fans have been begging for! Helix Studios exclusives Landon Vega and Aiden Garcia finally are teamed together for one jaw dropping – mouth watering production by director Alex Roman.

Fans have been begging for Helix to put these two young hung Latin superstars together and after a year of teasing their fan base with their stunning performances with other top talent on the HSD roster, Roman has finally brought these two gems together in what some are already calling a game changer in Latin gay twink porn!

“Gorgeous, golden bronze babes Aiden Garcia and Landon Vega get to know one another on a cliffside beach climbing massive rocks before going back to Garcia’s place to climb on top of each other’s massive cocks! Aiden practically inhales Landon’s extra large love stick, eating every thick inch as Vega’s curiosity about Aiden’s appendage gets the best of him and he can’t help but pants the pretty boy. Garcia is definitely NOT disappointed! He spits out “your dick is HUGE” while worshipping the weapon with his wet, warm mouth. With a satisfied front, Aiden spins around to show off his beautifully smooth bronze booty. He spreads his smooth hole and lets Landon know he needs some penetration. After a thorough ass inspection Aiden offers the boy a raw ride on his big, beautiful rig. Garcia glides his gorgeous golden ass right down on Vega’s thick, bareback dick, gulping every inch inside his hungry hole. His ravenous round booty sits down directly on top of Landon’s lust filled nuts, taking every piece of that amazing peen. Evening up the score Aiden hops off, lifts Landon’s legs and goes to town on the guy’s tush. He gives just as good as he gets, eating and fingering his way deep inside Landon’s lusty latin loins. The give and take continues as Landon lays his wet hole down on Garcia’s engorged groin, his own huge flag pole swaying and bouncing with pride and pure pleasure. Flipping again, Vega hops off the ride and slaps Aiden’s hole with his hard hog as a warning….. he’s about to fuck the hell out of him. Glutton for a punishingly pleasurable pounding, Aiden begs the boy to go even harder! He spews his hot white spunk onto his smooth six pack which Landon scoops up to feed his pretty face. Vega then feeds the boy’s butt with a seven course meal of liquid cock, complete with a delicious cream pie dessert.”

Cast: Aiden Garcia | Landon Vega

genres: Latin Twinks | Bareback | Blowjobs | Big Dicks | Rimming

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Directed by: Alex Roman

Produced by: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Run Time: 24 Minutes

Release date: February 20, 2018

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