By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Shock waves have been going around the world over the announcement of British overseas territory of 60,000 people, Bermuda, overturning their historic same-sex marriage equality law setting LGBT rights back 20 years.

The tiny territory which is known for low taxes, over priced hotels and resorts as well as LGBT abuses on the ground, became the first jurisdiction worldwide to reverse a law making same-sex marriage equal to heterosexual marriage.

Naturally church leaders and their followers were over joyed at the announcement regardless of the backlash that the territory will receive. In fact you now have LGBT rights activists thinking that such a move could reverberate beyond Bermuda and set a dangerous precedent for a gay rights which have gained strength over the years throughout the Western world.

“This could open the door to undo marriage equality elsewhere,” said founder of the Bermuda Gay Straight Alliance, Jordan Sousa.

What the real concern is that should governments turn to a majority right wing conservative body, they could follow this model which by the way, does have a grandfather clause built in it. Meaning that the new Domestic Partnership Act will allow islanders to form domestic partnerships but not be recognized as married.

The government said that LGBT couples who were legally married prior to the law’s reversal, would keep their status as legally married. In other words, grandfathered in.

Same-sex marriage has become legal in 26 countries ever since the Netherlands broke the ice when it made gay marriage law of the land in 2001.

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