By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Six Republican lawmakers in South Carolina’s State Assembly, filed a new bill challenging the 2015 Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage legal nationwide. The new anti-LGBT bill called the “Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act,” seeks to make marriage only between men and women, and name same-sex unions, “parody marriages.”

The anti-LGBT bill is sponsored by six Republican assembly members who had the audacity to file their bill just before Valentine’s Day.

Republicans in South Carolina weren’t the only ones attempting to go after same-sex marriage as there was an identical bill in Wyoming that was submitted on Valentine’s Day by the GOP run state assembly.

According to The Advocate…”The South Carolina legislation assembly members are currently “prohibited from favoring or endorsing religion over non-religion” as well as “the State of South Carolina’s decision to respect, endorse, and recognize parody marriages and sexual orientation policies has excessively entangled the government with the religion of Secular Humanism,” which refers to a nontheistic belief system based on moral values, rather than religious doctrine. The proposed legislation also argues that sexual orientation is not genetic, but rather is “a matter of faith.”

The anti-LGBT bill’s main sponsor, State Rep. Steven Long, R-Spartanburg, told The Post and Courier…”Whatever someone does in their own time and in their own home is their business, but when it comes to the government in the state, we have to have policies that are nonreligious or secular in nature,” said State Rep. Steven Long.

Chis Sevier whom you will remember was the person who Sued states for the right to marry his laptop computer in protest of marriage equality told The Post and Courier…”We’re not saying homosexuality should be illegal, we’re saying the state shouldn’t give them special benefits based on them self-identifying as homosexuals,” said Sevier.

The largest LGBT rights organization in South Carolina, SC Equality, immediately condemned the outrageous bill on Monday and called it nothing more than a “bigoted and narrow-minded attempt to legalize discrimination.”

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