By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Powerhouse Gay erotica studio Helix Studios captured the LGBT mainstream audience this week in a new article by Kevin O’Keefe on the online network, INTO Magazine where they they describe the multi-award winning gay porn label as a company that encourages Off-Screen Relationships. In fact gay fans follow couples of the Helix Studios even after they split up!

The mainstream gay-oriented online magazine covered the habits of Helix exclusives who are in current relationships and the ones that have parted ways.

In fact, for five years the “gay porn power couple” of Helix that gay fans can’t get enough of on Twitter, Kyle Ross and Max Carter, announced their engagement last December which went viral on Twitter with their massive fan base. It also catapulted the gorgeous couple to the top of the most prominent success story of Helix real-life couples.

Review the entire article on INTO entitled “Making Life Sexy: How Helix Studios Is Pivoting From Fantasy to Reality”.  Visit the Helix Studios Network to review all of their gorgeous models in mouth watering gay erotica action.

Retailers make sure to check your inventory to make sure that you are fully stocked on the multi-award winning hits from Helix Studios Direct Distribution.

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(Above Photo of Helix Studios Joey Mills, Max Carter, Kyle Ross and Blake Mitchell at the 2018 GayVN Awards Courtesy of JFK-FUBARwebmasters)

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