By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

Adult distributor Nalpac Ltd has scored big time as they confirmed to our newsroom today, that they have begun shipping four new collections from the multi-award winning pleasure products company, SHOTS America.

The New SHOTS America collections now shipping through Nalpac include the ‘MUST STOCK” and “TOP SELLING” collections of ManCage, Pumped, SLT: Self Lubricating Technology and ElectroShock.

Nalpac also confirmed that they are also offering retailers nine other collections from SHOTS America, including SONO, Ouch!, Simplicity, Fist-it, Retro, Hiky, Jil, Mjuze and Chrystalino.

ManCage, Pumped, SLT: Self Lubricating Technology and ElectroShock are some of Shots America’s new Male-focused collections.

Nalpac is the first distributor to have SHOTS America’s new and groundbreaking STL: Self Lubrication Technology products in-stock and ready to ship. Now that’s a major coup among distributors!

The line includes SLT Self Lubrication Easy Grip Masturbator XL, SLT Self Lubrication Missionary Masturbator, SLT Self Lubrication 7 Inch Dong, SLT Self Lubrication 5 Inch Buttplug and more.

SHOTS revolutionary Self Lubrication Technology takes the mess of lube away by adding water or saliva to the products they naturally lubricate.

“Nalpac invites retailers to take a look at these new lines from Shots! We are really impressed with the innovation Shots has shown with packaging, product and price point.” said Nalpac Director of Operations, Glenn Leboeuf. “Check out our blog posts and call your sales rep to find out more about getting these new collections in your stores now,” said Leboeuf.

The new ManCage Collection showcases a wide selection of male chastity items and cock cages while the Pumped Collection is comprised of various sized pumps in black, clear and bold colors.

The ElectroShock Collection combines technology and function for a fun line of E-stim pleasure devices which deliver a variety of impulses, from a gentle tickle to a heavy throbbing throughout the body.

Products include ElectroShock E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager, ElectroShock E-Stim Cock Ring with Ballstrap, ElectroShock E-Stim Vibrating Buttplug and the ElectroShock E-Stim Gloves.

Retailers, all of the stimulating Shots America pleasure products are in stock and ready for shipping to your boutiques nationwide.

Contact your Nalpac Ltd account manager at (800) 837-5946 | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

For more information on SHOTS America (USA), call 1+661-222-7855 | Fax 661-222-7856 | EMAILFacebook | Twitter | YouTube

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