By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Business just picked up for affiliate webmasters and LKP as the award winning gay erotica label Lucas Kazan Productions debut of, ‘Marco & Robbie’ [2018].

“Washing dishes, wearing nothing but a jock-strap? This is no ordinary kitchen, after all: it’s a ‘porn’ kitchen. No wonder LK exclusive Marco can’t resist the temptation: Robbie Rojo’s butt is right there for the taking!”

Established in 1998, Lucas Kazan Productions (LKP) has continued to win countless accolades over its 19+ years, including the GayVN, Grabby and Hard Choice Awards for Best Foreign Feature/Best Foreign Actor.

Legendary director Lucas Kazan is dedicated to delivery gay erotica fans the sexiest, hungest Mediterranean men online for the Gay Adult Film Industry.

Now while you’re at it JRL CHARTS fans, check out Lucas Kazan Productions sizzling productions of Addicted 2 [2018], Giovanni XXX Casting [2018] and my personal favorite, the blogger [2018]. Get ready for a steamy adventure when you visit the Lucas Kazan Network to catch the premier of Marco & Robbie [2018].

Cast: Marco | Robbie

genres: Big Dicks | Twinks | Anal Sex | Blowjobs | Hairy

Directed by: Lucas Kazan

Lucas Kazan Official Website

Production co: Lucas Kazan Productions (LKP)

Country: Italy


Release date: Thursday February 8, 2018

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