By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (JRL CHARTS) — Last Friday the Republican National Committee [RNC] made it official that they are backing President Donald Trump on his order to ban transgender Americans from serving in the U.S. military.

In a resolution which is sure to be covered on the mainstream media this week, passed at the annual winter meeting Friday with the committee voting its support of President Trump’s August 2017 executive order ordering his top generals to stop military recruitment of transgender people and marketing them as “a disqualifying psychological and physical” condition.

Luckily Trump’s anti-Transgender order has suffered legal setbacks at each turn. Three federal courts have ruled against the discriminatory ban which prompted the RNC to take the position of backing Trump. This goes hand in hand with the anti-LGBTQ policies of the Republican National Committee.

Now in fairness to the more moderate Republicans, this issue has divided the GOP with several Republicans in the Senate, including military veterans Joni Ernst of Iowa and John McCain of Arizona, publicly objecting to Trump’s discriminatory ban.

The Defense Department is still proceeding with their review of recruiting policies, a process expected to be completed by spring 2018.

While the resolution passed by the RNC committee supports Trump’s “intent and prerogative to strengthen our military with sound personnel policies,” it also put in a back up plan that urges the Justice Department to seek U.S. Supreme Court action since the court his heavily decked with conservatives.

While this shows more of the anti-LGBTQ agenda put forth by President Trump, the RNC resolution is not a surprise as it is customary for the RNC to pass resolutions supporting their sitting president and leader of their party especially when it involves policies that are challenged in court.


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