By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Magic Silk has expanded its original silk line to include chemise, camisole, tap pant, kimono, thong, G-string and panty options.

“During the early years of Magic Silk, our main product line was … well, silk,” said Lori Baker, Marketing Director for Magic Silk and Male Power Apparel. “Subsequently, we began to produce a wide variety of products made from many other outstanding materials, while nature’s richest and finest fiber did a slow fade-out. But time and tastes are always changing, and the company is now returning to its roots. We are delighted to announce that we are putting the silk back in Magic Silk. A beautiful new line of silk underwear is now available for both women and men, to meet customer demand for upscale fashion. The ladies can luxuriate in seven unique styles, all sold as separates — chemise, camisole, tap pant, kimono, thong, G-string and panty, all available in black and red. Men can enjoy the cool, soft comfort of classic boxer shorts, lounge pants and kimono robes, sold in black, red and blue.” said Baker.

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Not only that but Magic Silk and Male Power confirmed that they will now be sold year round!

Retailers, contact an authorized distributor of Magic Silk and Male Power for ordering information; Eldorado | Honey’s Place | Williams Trading Co.

Retailers can get promotional materials and direct ordering information by contacting your account representative at Magc Silk Inc Toll Free (800) 447-4720 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube.

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