By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C — According to the White House budget for Fiscal year 2018, cuts are being proposed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which covers programs on HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis as well as outreach programs on sexually transmitted diseases education.

President Trump becomes the first president since President Bill Clinton, to propose cuts to the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program at the Health Resources and Services Administration which is known internationally as the United State’s signature HIV treatment program which currently cares for nearly a million patients currently living with HIV and AIDS.

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Now only that but the Trump administration is also looking to cut an estimated $800 million for the global AIDS funding as well as draconian cuts for the National Institutes of Health.

Now while the United States Senate and House appropriations committees immediately rejected the majority of the draconian proposals put forth by the Trump administration, several critical health programs are still in danger of facing across-the-board cuts if the Senate and the House can strike a deal to raise budget caps for their favorite pet projects which of course include defense and non-defense programs.


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