By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Suspect in the brutal murder of Blaze Bernstein, the gay teen med-school student earlier this month and identified as Samuel Woodward,  attended “hate camps” and was even photographed while making Nazi salutes, according to reports by ProPublica.

A young teen charged with the murder of college student Blaze Bernstein is reportedly an avowed neo-Nazi who took it upon himself to train with an extremist group, reported ProPublica, who states they have several sources with knowledge of Samuel Woodward’s activities.

Woodward was arrested by police for the brutal stabbing of more than 20 wounds of 19-year-old Bernstein back on Jan. 3. Bernstein, who was openly gay and had attended high school with Woodward, was discovered dead and buried in Lake Forest, California close to 10 days after his disapearance.

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According to ProPublica, Samuel Woodward was a active member of the hate group Atomwaffen Division. One of those three people is identified as a former Atomwaffen Division member.

The Atomwaffen Division website is nothing more than a hate group sharing their ignorant racism and bigotry towards people who are Black, Gay and Jewish. They also consider caucasion Americans “race traitors”.

Samuel Woodward, who has yet to enter a plea is scheduled to be arraigned Friday Feb. 2.

Bernstein originally told homicide detectives that Bernstein attempted to kiss him on the night he went missing. Woodward then said that he pushed Bernstein away and wanted to call him a “faggot.”

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