By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Sunday January 28, 2018, Assistant Director of FIA Jamil Ahmed Khan Mayo confirmed that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), raided and arrested several individuals selling unregistered sex toys and drugs in different cities in the country.

According to Kahn Mayo, three individuals selling unregistered performance enhancing sex drugs and adult sex toys through online platforms were arrested and charged on Sunday Jan. 28.

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Khan Mayo further added….”We have recovered huge quantity of spurious, unregistered and unwarranted Viagra 1000 and 5000, black cobra sexual medicines and sex toys during these raids.” said Khan. “The culprits were selling the items through online sites setup for the purpose of making money.” said Khan Mayo.

FIA officials also confiscated computers and other hardware used by the site owners to run their adult e-commerce websites. The FIA said that their investigation is continuing so that they can uncover other people involved in the adult entertainment industry.

FIA official Muhammad Bashir Ahmed Memon went to Lahore’s FIA office too meet with the officials stationed there. In his meeting, he made inquiries related to similar investigations in the Lahore area.

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According to local media outlets, for their laudable performance, the DG gifted shields to the immigration officers and offered certificates commending their achievements along with monetary rewards.

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