By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

‘Petty’ [2018] is the fresh new pop music single by YouTube sensation, Kyle Thorn and after three years of watching this young openly gay 19 year-old expand his career, I can honestly say in my opinion, that he has truly on the right track with his new single “Petty” [2018].

I still remember his first music videos I had the pleasure of watching, “Snap” [2016] and the ballad Move On [2015].  Now he’s back and better than ever with ‘Petty’ [2018]!

Openly Gay, Kyle Thorn delivers a catch beat with a sick hook to keep you repeating it in your head over and over again!

Cast: Kyle Thorn

genres: Pop Music

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Filmed by: Jt Thorn

Produced by: Brandon Jarrett

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