By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES — Just in time for the Valentine’s Day Season, Topco Sales has confirmed that they are now shipping the Vulcan Shower Strokers made with CyberSkin H2O, a new edition of the award-winning realistic material that turns slippery with water — no lube required.

Now shipping to customers worldwide, the Vulcan Shower Strokers are reusable and squeezable masturbators that become slick with water. Simply run water into the stroker’s orifice to use and once done, users can remove the sleeve, rinse it out, and let it air dry until the next masturbation session goes down.

“CyberSkin is one of the most asked-for and recognized brands in the industry, and we created water-activated CyberSkin H2O to continue Topco Sales’ tradition of material innovation and trend-setting,” said Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan. “We first introduced Vulcan Shower Strokers made with CyberSkin H2O in the summer and they sold out so fast, we could barely keep up with the orders. We’re proud to be shipping these one-of-a-kind strokers now with full-color marketing and support signage available with a minimum purchase.” said O’Bryan.

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CyberSkin H2O Vulcan Shower Strokers are available in three models: Deep Throat, Realistic Ass, and Realistic Pussy. All models feature a textured inner sleeve that’s open-ended for fast and easy cleaning, and a waterproof hang cord for easy storage. While the water-activation feature of CyberSkin H2O Vulcan Shower Strokers is temporary — the special surface wears away over time, depending on how rigorous the use — once it is gone, users still have a fully functional CyberSkin Vulcan Stroker (just add lube.)

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“CyberSkin H2O is designed to become slick with the addition of water, but we also created a series of water-based lubricants that are specifically compatible with CyberSkin for when users want to up the ante,” added O’Bryan. “Vulcan Moist lube and Vulcan Heat warming lube are formulated to keep any CyberSkin product — CyberSkin H2O included — in peak condition while adding an extra-realistic level of wetness to any stroker or masturbator. Vulcan lubricants give users peace of mind while providing a co-branded product that makes for a no-brainer add-on — which our customers especially appreciate.” said O’Bryan.

Retailers, the packaging for CyberSkin H2O Vulcan Shower Strokers coordinates with the rest of the Vulcan reusable stroker series using a unique water-inspired motif that showcases usage and features with an eye-catching design. Matching marketing materials for the CyberSkin H20 Vulcan Shower Strokers are available with a minimum purchase.

O’Bryan further added….“It feels so good to know that we’ve renewed Topco Sales’ reputation for product innovation, and we know we’ve done something major when our competitors come out with items that seem similar, but are never the same. CyberSkin has always been imitated — but never successfully replicated — and we suspect that the same will happen with CyberSkin H2O. It’s flattery at its finest! Feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are in the process of developing more products made with CyberSkin H2O to expand this exciting line.” concluded O’Bryan.

Retailers, to learn more about the Vulcan Shower Strokers collection by CyberSkin H2O as well as the entire lineup of pleasure product brands available at Topco Sales by contacting Topco Sales direct at (818) 332-4600 | EMAIL | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Vimeo

You can also contact one of Topco Sales preferred distribution partners; East Coast News | Eldorado | Honey’s Place | Nalpac Ltd | Williams Trading Co. for ordering information.

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