By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Oklahoma Robbery & Homicide detectives have filed their murder complaint over Isaac Herrera, 24, of Oklahoma city, (pictured right), being stabbed to death last week by an 18 year-old man he was having oral sex with. The ironic thing in this case is that when police asked the young man why he did it the 18 year-old said, “felt like it.”

Isaac Herrera, 24, was pronounced deceased due to stab wounds early Tuesday morning on Jan. 9. Police arrested Brandon Newell, 18, on first degree murder charges.

One of the detectives handling the case stated in a court affidavit filed in the Oklahoma Country District Court says….“Newell advised a witness he was having oral sex with the victim and at one point saw his knife laying there. Newell stated he grabbed the knife and stabbed the victim in the throat because he felt like it.” Newell advised the victim did not attack him and there was no altercation before he stabbed him,” the detective continued. “Newell stated he knew what he did was wrong and admitted to trying to cover up the scene after the murder.”

His class mates at Oklahoma City Community College were shocked to hear the news of the theater arts student.

This case has been receiving heavy Local media coverage and the victim, Isaac Herrera, was well known and liked among the LGBT community. A Support Isaac Herrera’s family GoFundMe page has been set up for Herrera by a friend to help Herrera’s mother Veronia Myers, cope with her loss and burial arrangements.

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