By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

BROOMFIELD, CO — Multi-award winning adult distributor Eldorado, recently published another retailer case study in its ‘Eldorado Edge Newsletter’.

This time around the focus was on the Feelmore Adult Boutique located at 1703 Telegraph Ave in Oakland, California.

Eldorado’s retailer case studies are designed to give readers an in-depth look at the positive impact working with the distributor has had on adult businesses. So far, Eldorado has published four case studies.

Feelmore Adult Boutique is a brick-and-mortar store, with a web component, that was started up in 2011 by proprietor Nenna Joiner.

Joiner described the boutique as “a small store with big ideas” that initially had trouble securing capital to expand.

Joiner, however, persisted and took advantage of Eldorado’s Elevate U program, an e-learning series designed to equip stores with accurate and relevant sexual health information so retailers can better serve their customers. She also took advantage of the distributor’s credit program.

“Everything I’ve learned from Eldorado has empowered me to run my own successful business,” she saisaid Joiner.

For the study, Joiner emphasized how much she appreciated Eldorado for providing her with great products and knowledge. Joiner even traveled to the Eldorado headquarters in Colorado to tour the warehouse and meet its staff in person.

“The employees at Eldorado are always well-informed, professional and dedicated to what they do,” added Joiner. “They consistently bring a smile to my bottom line.” said Joiner.

Joiner concluded with….”The educational training and ease-of-use of program is invaluable because, “anything that helps us cut down on what we do in-house allows me to focus on the business much more.” said Joiner.

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