By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

CHATSWORTH, CA — Clandestine Devices’s retail website is now accepting PayPal Express Checkout. Retailers as you know, the Clandestine Devices brand is the manufacturer of the Mimic pleasure product collection.

“In our quest to improve the user experience when purchasing the MIMIC, we’ve introduced the PayPal payment option for added convenience and security,” said Clandestine Devices’ Director of Operations Kimberly Faubel.

Mimic’s customers are treated to a simplified checkout experience using their PayPal account, bank account or credit card to pay without sharing any private information, and Clandestine Devices offers discreet same-day shipping on orders purchased Monday through Friday by noon PT.

“Not only are we dedicated to superior service and a superior-quality product with the Mimic, but we are continuously searching for ways to get our product to customers as efficiently as possible,” added Faubel. “We are so pleased to provide an additional payment method that is used by millions of people every day for an expedient, hassle-free checkout process.” concluded Faubel.

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