By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Once again the Trump administration is attempting to tack us backwards in time. It’s as though they wish for the days of the 1950s as United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions, reverses much of former President Obama’s policy that allowed states to legalize marijuana without federal interference.

It’s amazing how only four days after California (known as a blue state), began selling recreational marijuana.

Sessions who sounded more like someone stuck in 1950s today doubling down on his opposition to marijuana use. Even going so far as too use the debunked study that marijuana is equivilant to heroin and cocaine.

Prior to Sessions’ announcement today, Justice Department officials “stressed that they wanted U.S. attorneys, who are assigned to districts around the country, to use their discretion to determine whether someone should face federal charges for a marijuana offense.”

“I think that U.S. attorneys need to determine what cases need to be brought in their district and if they believe additional prosecutions are necessary,” one of the officials said during a briefing with reporters Thursday morning.

With the marijuana industry now entering the $1 Billion dollar market ladder, Sessions has to know that he will be met with serious backlash! Not only from the marijuana industry but also from fellow Republicans whose states have legalized recreational marijuana.

In fact Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) has come out to state that Sessions went back on his word before Sessions’ confirmation hearings that he wouldn’t target the pot industry if he became AG. Gardner states that he will block every nominee put forth by President Trump for postings in the DOJ until Sessions reverses his decision to target the marijuana industry.

Now, with the backwards thinking of the man stuck in time, AG Sessions, marijuana users who are depending on the legal protection of their states which now account for 32 out of 50 that have legalized marijuana, may become criminals under federal law.

It’s time for the U.S. Congress and Senate to legalize marijuana once and for all. The DEA will have to find funds for their operating budget from some place else.

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