By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

TROY, NY — Police have arrested two suspects in the brutal torture and murder of the Lesbian couple Brandi Mells, Shanta Myers and their two children, Shanise Myers, 5 and Jeremiah Myers, 11.

Police confirm that they have arrested Justin C. Mann (pictured above left) and James W. White (pictured above right). Mann and White, were arraigned on Saturday Dec. 30 and are now facing each – One count of first-degree murder and four counts of second-degree murder which could land them in prison for life.

Police said that the family was brutally murdered in their Troy apartment on December 21, but no one had discovered the bodies until five days later after relatives were concerned when they could not reach them nor received any call backs from any of the family members.

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Police described the crime scene as the most savage that his department had ever seen. The only survivor of the immediate family was Myers’s oldest child, 15-year-old Isaiah, who was luckily away from home at the time of the murders.

So far police say they don’t have a motive however the Washington Post reports that one of the defendants knew one of the victims. It is still unclear as too why their was a hate crime statute added to the murder charge nor are police saying what let their detectives to arrest Mann and White. Many questions are still to be answered and as soon as we get more information on this case, we will bring it to you. Both suspects are scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 4.

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