By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — TitanMen Entertainment has finally scheduled the highly anticipated DVD release of Bad Cop 2 (2017) through Pulse Distribution.

That’s right TitanMen fans, gay adult film superstars Bruce Beckham, Dallas Steele, Dakota Rivers, Jeremy Spreadums, Jason Vario, Micah Brandt and Tex Davidson in a Jasun Mark film that is sure to top the JRL Top 50 in January 2018.

“BAD COP 2: INTERNAL INVESTIGATION They’ve made their pledge to serve and erect. When long shifts are over, aggression takes control at a precinct where the officers break their own rules. Get arrested by TitanMen exclusive Dallas Steele, who leads an Internal Investigation where blue steel meets blue balls. Shift Change: Towering cop Dakota Rivers takes aim at Jeremy Spreadums, tasering his admirer with a few loaded weapons. Break Room: Micah Brandt submits to alpha authority figure Tex Davidson, who chokes the sucker with his tool before piledriving his hole. End of Watch: Keeping his sunglasses on the whole time, Bruce Beckham stays cool as things heat up by the lockers with fellow hung and horned officer Jason Vario. Mid-Shift: Big-dicked daddy Dallas Steele gets aroused at the station, exchanging expert baton work with Dakota Rivers before offering his ass to the jock cop. “

Cast: Bruce Beckham | Dallas Steele | Jason Vario | Micah Brandt | See Full Cast

genres: Anal Sex | Big Dicks | Daddies | Interracial | Jasun Mark | Black Men | Uniforms

Directed by: Jasun Mark

Production co: TitanMen

Distributed by: Pulse | IVD | National/Universal | SpringTownDVD

Run Time: 90 Minutes

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship date: 12-12-17

Street date: 12-18-17


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