By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

CAHOKIA, Ill. — A new adult store has already drawn controversy in the city of Cahokia, and it hasn’t even opened its doors for business yet.

Doctor John’s Lingerie and Novelty Boutique is preparing to open its doors at its new location, a former old Dairy Queen across from the public library and Victory Church St. Louis in Cahokia, Illinois.

“Is it most conducive? It has the potential not to be,” said the Victory Church St. Louis presiding elder, Dwayne Cotton.

According to a spokesperson for the Village of Cahokia, the adult entertainment business applied and has not yet been approved for a license, however its merchandise is now on display in the store’s display windows.

According to the spokesperson for the city, the adult store has been issued a code violation and it was posted on its store front door stating that the display windows need to be covered at least until that license is approved by the city zoning board.

I reached out to Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall office for comment and a woman who works in his office told JRL CHARTS, that Doctor John’s has not been approved to open and it has not applied for a business license.

So there is serious confusion going on in Cohakia!

While some in Cahokia said they believe the store’s location is inappropriate, Minister Cotton said he’s going to practice what he preaches. “We are not going to judge them,” said Cotton.

Minister Cotton said ..”Our new neighbor gives us a new opportunity “to minister to anybody who visits that establishment, so we look at it in a very positive light,” said Cotton.

The Director of Operations for the Doctor John’s Adult Store Chain told the local media outlets that the location in question is not connected to their company, even though it has the same name.

The village zoning board must approve or deny the license after a public hearing. The next board meeting is set for December 13 at 5:30 p.m. As of this posting, there is still no word if Doctor John’s Lingerie and Novelty Boutique will be discussed at that meeting as the agenda schedule is not released until the week of the meeting.

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