By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS — Fuente De Amor (2017) is the latest mouthwatering Latin gay erotica feature from multi-award winning director Keith Miller and powerhouse distributor Helix Studios Direct.

Starring heartthrobs Gabriel Martin and Ashton Summers, Fuente De Amor (2017) could possibly set digital-download records with this 24 minute scorching extravaganza that takes these two young hotties into an intimate adventure that Latin gay erotica fans are going to be bursting out of their pants and shorts the minute they press play!

The last time we saw gorgeous versatile Caliente superstar Gabriel Martin was when he topped Helix exclusive superstar Joey Mills back on Nov. 18 and now he’s back with Summers to deliver yet another jaw dropping – stimulating Latin gay erotica performance that is sure to one of Helix Studios top scenes of the year.  Now that’s how you close out a year – with a Winner!

Filmed on location in Las Vegas, these two Latin lovers immediately show the chemistry between them!

“Latin lovers rejoice with this extra spicy scene starring two of THE most beautiful bronze boys on the planet! Super star Ashton Summers and gorgeous new boy Gabriel Martin make masturbation magic that will set your screen on FIRE! They flirt in their native language of lust, even if you don’t speak Spanish, the seductive sounds rolling off these golden god’s talented tongues will take you on an exotic, erotic journey. The latin lovers melt their beautifully bronze, flawless flesh into one another as Ashton pulls up to Gabriel’s gorgeous ass. Summers slides his condom free cock smoothly into Martin’s hot, hairless hole.

He wraps his muscular gymnast body around the boy while Martin spreads his butt and accepts every big, bareback inch in complete cock synchronicity. Gabe seductively slithers up onto Summers for a beautiful bare and deep balls to butt ride. Summers switches it up, getting on his knees to knock his cock in even harder. Martin doesn’t mind, and if fact it’s putting him right where he needs to be to unleash his spicy latin load. Summers follows suit, jumping up to jack his jizz all over Martin’s beautiful cum hungry mug. The newbie looks luscious and fully content covered in a cumtastic coat of Ashton’s tasty nut nectar.”

Cast: Ashton Summers | Gabriel Martin

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genres: Latin gay porn | anal sex | oral sex | Latin twinks | Latin bareback

Produced and Directed by: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Runtime: 24 Minutes

Release date: 11-26-17

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