By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — 665 Leather is on fire for the 2017 holiday season with the launch its HOT stimulating products now shipping to retail and adult consumers online exclusively at the 665 Leather Superstore.

With the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend in full effect, I had to bring you the top pleasure products for men that you will not want to miss out on having in stock or in your very own collection!

665 brings you the multi-award winning Perfect Fit Brand’s Fun Boy which is a super soft swinger between your legs. Now here’s the closer – It’s uses are only limited by your imagination!

Then there is the one and only Rubicon Remote Plug that packs innovation and performance all in one sleek design. It can be used with or without the wireless remote (included). Featuring signature silicone and a powerful ultra-drive motor, the Rubicon delivers deep and powerful vibrations. Remote uses one 27A battery (included). USB charge cable also included. Plug is water-resistant. Suitable for all lubricants including the Sport Fucker Silicone Lubricant and the ultra-high quality lube, Sport Fucker Lubricant CUM.

Did I mention the 665 Leather Knock Knock Plug? Thump and Roll into exquisite pleasure with Knock Knock. Anatomically designed angled silicone plug featuring a free-floating steel ball. Tapered for easy insertion and, comes in the dimensions of 4.7 x 2.1 x 2.1.

Now just when you thought that was enough to get your blood boiling, just wait until you get your hands on the Gnarly Nipple Suckers! These nipple suckers are no joke! A wide opening allows for the suction of a large area. The unique easy-push design creates a powerful vacuum that clings tightly to your flesh. As blood flow to the nipples increases, they will become more sensitive, making play more fun! Leave the suckers on or take them off for access to extra sensitive and puffy nips during masturbation, foreplay, or sex!

Plus just launched at 665 Leather headquarters from The FP Company, the Fist Powder Bottle that is prepared to be utilized for 500ML of FISTPOWDER. Using cap provided, measure just 5 to 7g of FistPowder.

Now all you have to do is Poor 300ml of warm water in a container, add 5/7g. Shake thoroughly / blend until a smooth gel forms. Complete with 200ml of warm water. Play with thickness or concentration by reducing or adding the amount of powder when mixing. The gel regenerate itself by adding water. Remember, first the warm water then the powder!
Keep it untouched (by human hands) 24/48h maximum in your refrigerator.

Now just when you thought that was enough for an orgasmic fantasy for men, make sure to stock the top selling Muscle Ball Stretcher Sport Fucker! These are by far the most comfortable Silicone Ball Stretcher on the market! What makes the Muscle Ball Strecher by Sport Fucker so comfortable? First the design. It’s nice and thick, adding a good amount of weight to your sack, without a constant pain you may have with metal ball weights. But more importantly is the All New Silicone used to make these Muscle Ball Stretchers. You HAVE TO feel them to understand. Words do not do the material justice, but to try, we would describe the all new silicone as silky, stretchy and firm. Available in the dimensions of Inside Diameter is 1-1/4″.

Retailers with the holiday season in full swing, don’t hesitate to get your orders in before 665 Leather has to place you on back-order due to high demand. Contact one of 665 Distribution’s account representatives to get ordering information or to set up an appointment to visit their massive warehouse at (818) 678-919.

Adult consumers can visit the 665 Leather Official Online Superstore or visit their retail location at 8722 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, CA (Map It).

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