By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

MONTREAL — Powerhouse Icon Male Studios in association with Mile High Media Distribution have unleashed the highly anticipated release of “The Stepfather 4” (2017) on DVD.

Legendary filmmaker Nica Noelle brings another blockbuster that is sure to rock the foundations of brick & mortar adult stores and impress online adult superstores when their customer base gets wind of this superb cast consisting of Hans Berlin, Troy Accola, Gabriel Alonzo, and Tony Dazzle.

With the impressive numbers delivered from The Stepfather (2014), The Stepfather 2 (2015) and The Stepfather 3 (2016), the fourth installment on this blockbuster series is sure to out do its predecessors.

“Nica Noelle has crafted an intriguing tale of love, lust and temptation,” said Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “This fourth edition of the popular series features a great cast led by Troy Accola and Hans Berlin, who share intense chemistry and are talented costars. A great new addition to this captivating series.” said Blitt.

The Stepfather 4 opens, as Tony Dazzle has to go out of town, leaving Hans Berlin in charge of the house. When playing the role as a stepfather to Troy Accola, sexual tension and curiosity start to build once Tony is out of the house. Hans then finds himself being seduced by young stud, Gabriel Alonzo who gives him the reassurance that him and Troy are in an open relationship. After a good night phone call with Tony, Hans comes face to face with a huge decision. Yet another young guy is seducing him, only this time it’s his stepson. He must decide whether he is willing to risk love for a young temptation.

Cast: Troy Accola | Gabriel Alonzo | Hans Berlin | See Full Cast

genres: Daddy/Twinks | anal sex | oral sex | storyline

Directed by: Nica Noelle

Produced by: Jon Blitt

Production co: Icon Male Studios

Distributed by: Mile High Media | IVD | National | SpringTownDVD

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: Canada

Language: English

Ship date: 11-21-17

Street date: 11-29-17

Retailers can get ordering information by contacting Wilma at Mile High Media | (800) 363-0133 | (514) 340-9658 | EMAIL .

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