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CHATSWORTH, CA — One of the hottest Gay Erotica Online networks Peter Fever Entertainment, founded by Internationally known fashion designer Andrew Christian, model and personal fitness celebrity Peter Le, is breaking down the stereotypes about Asian men in Gay erotica as he announces his newest blockbuster, The Deuce: A Gay Parody (2017).

Written and produced by Danny Zeeman, Deuce: A Gay Porn Parody is directed by AlternaDudes Entertainment film director and award-winning director for The HungOver Gay Porn Parody, Koloff, this sensational plot loaded gay porn fantasy is sure to generate huge coverage from gay porn bloggers worldwide.

“The Deuce is a narrative feature film that explores what the ’70s would have looked like if the pimps and whores were gay instead of straight.”

“We took special care to make this as authentically ’70s as possible,” said director, Koloff. “From the wardrobes, to the sets, the story, the music and the language used by the actors we wanted to transport viewers back in time to when porn was more creative, artistic, original and fun. Of course we made sure the sex was still mind blowing as well.” concluded Koloff.

The big-budget gay porn production features PeterFever exclusives Alex Chu and David Ace as “the hustlers” with seasoned porn stars Jessie Lee and FX Rios playing the pimp couple (known as China Gold and Silky Dick). They also introduced to us their newest discovery, Ari Nucci, who goes by “Bandit” in the movie.

“The Deuce: A Gay Parody was inspired by the HBO James Franco’ DEUCE drama – only they wanted to explore what it would be like to hustle for cash if the same rules applied for men as they did for women during that time period. The movie starts with David and Alex hopping off the train in search of “China Gold.” They run into a seasoned prostitute, known as Bandit, who leads them to the pimps. In order to become a part of their new agency, the guys need to get trained in the art of hustling and Bandit and Silky Dick are doing the “hard” training. Along the way they run into a sleazy client, the Porn Director named Stanley Schneider, who wants the boys to be in some of the first ever gay porn films. Meanwhile Alex isn’t making enough money and the boys plan an escape. With nonstop humor, drama and sizzling hot sex this movie has all the makings of a classic gay porn film.”

“This was a project of love for me, being able to help create the kind of movie I’ve always dreamed of making,” added executive producer and PeterFever President Danny Zeeman,. “I really want to thank director Koloff, our crew, and our wonderful actors for their great performances and really giving this project their all. We had the greatest time making this movie and the boys really took their roles seriously. They even talked like their characters off the set, which was a lot of fun to watch,” he exclaimed. “I really think this will be our best performing PeterFever movie so far.” said Zeeman.

The Deuce: A Gay Porn Parody (2017) will be released as a weekly web series exclusively on the Peter Fever Network as well as on DVD through an exclusive distribution deal with Pulse Distribution.

Cast: Alex Chu | David Ace | Jessie Lee | FX Rios | Ari Nucci

genres: Asian gay porn | anal sex | muscles | Twinks

Directed by: Koloff

Executive Producer: Peter Le

Written and Produced by: Danny Zeeman

Production co: Peter Fever Entertainment

Distributed by: Pulse | IVD | National/Universal | SpringTownDVD

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Digital Download Release date: November 17, 2017

DVD Ship date: TBA

DVD Street date: TBA

Watch Official Trailer of The Deuce: A Gay Porn Parody (2017)

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