By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SPICEWOOD, TX — As fans have been eagerly awaiting the premier of Bronson & Timmy RAW (2017) on Demand, ChaosMen Entertainment definitely delivered! The Gay award show judges next year are sure to take notice!

This is sure to be a huge hit for ChaosMen Entertainment and 1Distribution during the Holiday Season of 2017 especially with the action, videography and outstanding ending, is sure to capture Gay erotica fans worldwide.

“Bronson is moving along on his limits. I keep trying to put him in situations that feel natural. I thought a massage themed video would keep him in familiar territory, but didn’t want to be restricted to the balancing act that can occur having sex on a massage table. So we started with a massage on the bed. Timmy oils him up, relaxing Bronson immediately, maybe too relaxed? He pulls his underwear off. Initially, I think Bronson was being tickled with beard stubble between his ass cheeks. But he perks-up when Timmy’s tongue dives in deep. Bronson gets a dominate vibe and pushes Timmy’s face further into his hole. Timmy flips him on over, rubs oil on his chest, and kissing Bronson with the taste of his ass on his lips and scruff. Timmy moves down to his cock and gets Bronson hard. After servicing him, Timmy crawls up and sits on Bronson’s chest, making Bronson suck his cock. Timmy is half hard, but looking down and seeing Bronson working on his cock, made Timmy all hard.”

Director Bryan Ockert said..”You might have guessed that I love working with Timmy, and I will continue to get Bronson in as much as I can, and continue to push his limits!”

Cast: Bronson | Timmy

genres: bareback | couples | Hairy | Anal sex | Rimming | Blowjobs

Directed by: Bryan Ockert

Production co: ChaosMen Entertainment

Distributed by: 1Distribution

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: November 17, 2017

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