By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV – Boyfriend Bang (2017) is the stunning new Helix Studios production that will have gay porn bloggers and gay porn fans ready to bust after reviewing gorgeous real-life boyfriends Marcell Tykes and Adrian Kelly in mouthwatering bareback action.

This passionate gay erotica scene is one that black and Latin gay porn lovers are going to want to add to your personal collection. We had better see this scene featured in an upcoming Helix Studios DVD release for retailers in 2018! Hint Hint! Helix!!!!!

Celebrating their 15th Anniversary of being one of the top powerhouses in the gay adult film industry, Helix Studios is already giving us a glimpse into what they have in store for 2018.

“Get to know real life boyfriends Marcell Tykes and Adrian Kelly (who’s filming for the first time!)
This musically talented couple go in DEEP on the in and outs of their relationship, their perfect dates, arguments and of course sex! After the couple share so much, the voyeuristic quality to watching the dynamic duo do the deed is scorchingly hot! See the passion in every hot kiss, the arguments and love in every hard thrust, this is truly a unique porn experience.  The beautiful bronze, cut bodied couple suck cock with passion and it’s clear when Adrian eats Marcell’s perfect bubble butt, he’s the top in the relationship. Marcell’s ass is a work of art, his entire body is perfect actually, but that ass gives him (and us)

SO much pleasure.  Tyke’s presents his tight hole to Adrian like the prize it is. Kelly lubes up his boyfriend’s butt with a thick thumb and a few fingers.  He pulls Marcell’s hips back to get that golden butt lined up with his bareback boyfriend boner, then slams Tykes tight hole for all he’s worth.  Adrian is a pretty twink, but the kid knows how to fuck and he takes control of Marcell’s hole, working that ass like a man.  It’s hot seeing such a pretty boy bang like a buck in heat! After hitting it from the back AND the front, Adrian speeds up and Tykes raging bone blasts out a typhoon of hot, wet nut.  The pearly white wads look scrumptious covering his flawless brown, cum covered complexion.  Kelly thinks so as well and shows it by slamming the kid’s hole so hard the bed starts screeching before he whips his wang out and covers his boyfriend’s freshly fucked ass with white hot cream.  He shoves his cock back in, keeping it there as only a boyfriend can, then kisses Marcell full on the lips.”

Plus make sure to check out Keith Witchka’s special coverage next week on Helix Studios celebrating 15 years at the top of the Gay Adult Film Industry exclusively, on JRL.

Cast: Marcell Tykes | Adrian Kelley

genres: Anal SexTwinks | Bareback | Black | Latin | Blowjobs | Boyfriends | Creampie

Directed by: Alex Roman

Produced by: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 28 Minutes

Release date: November 9, 2017

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