By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

VIRGINIA — Danica Roem became part of history tonight as she became the first openly elected transgender state legislator in the U.S.A defeating the self-proclaimed ‘No.1 Homophobe, incumbent Bob Marshall.   Roem was a part of the wipe out democrats did to republicans in a heavily contested and turn-out for the state of Virginia.

While the state has been moving further blue over the past three elections, this victory for Danica Roem sends a clear message to the anti-LGBT regime. As the candidate tonight who lost called himself, “the No.1 Homophobe”, doesn’t look like he was number one tonight.

Democrats swept all three top spots in the Virginia state races capturing the Governor’s, Lt. Governor and Attorney General spots. Not to mention the pickup of 10 House of Delegates seats and lead in seven more races. Danica Roem will represent Virginia’s 13th District House of Delegates seat.

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