By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — Thanksgiving is approaching, so it must be time for another Sex Week at Harvard University—and prominent pleasure products manufacturer and multi-award winner, CalExotics, is sponsoring the event for the sixth consecutive year. The company is donating sexual health products to help raise awareness about sexual health and wellness practices at one of the nation’s most prestigious universities.

The week-long event strives to empower the Harvard community to explore issues of love, sex, gender, relationships, and more. In addition, Sex Week is positioned to actively engage Harvard students in embracing, thinking about, and discussing their experiences with their own sexuality, and hopes to expand the scope of sexual health awareness and wellness on campus.

Susan Colvin, Founder and CEO of CalExotics said…“Education is a key component to ensuring we succeed in our mission of helping people find more joy in their lives.” said Colvin. “It is simple: the more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to make good decisions when it comes to your body, and overall sexual health. I commend Harvard as they strive to educate the younger generation,” said Colvin.

Since its inception, CalExotics has been focused on promoting sexual health and wellness through its products and educational efforts. The company is highly regarded as it was the first of its kind to be founded by a woman and has been instrumental in revolutionizing the pleasure products industry, with many notable accomplishments including feminizing female adult toys and providing warranties on vibrators.

Harvard Sex Week is run by the student organization Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard College (SHEATH). Their goal with Sex Week is to connect diverse individuals and communities through common human experiences and to open up a dialogue about these critical issues. Many Harvard students have expressed their gratitude towards SHEATH and the events they put together. Some have said, “It’s nice to be open and actually talk to a person about these topics,” while others have stated, “I feel like I learned more in this one event than I did in high school Sex Ed.”

During the event, students have the opportunity to attend 12 different seminars, ranging from “Sex Toys 101: Feel Those Good Vibrations” to “Unleashed: Kink 101.” The final workshop is focused on “Sexual Myth-busting” and will be an interactive workshop hosted by the Board of Sex Week. To celebrate the culmination of this year’s Sex Week, the Board will be giving away a CalExotics themed gift basket to one lucky attendee.

Lita Peña, Co-President of SHEATH added…“I cannot thank CalExotics enough; they are extremely generous. The company has been such a fabulous partner of Sex Week throughout the years, and we’re so excited about their amazing products.” said Peña.

To learn about Harvard Sex Week and for a full listing of events, visit their official website.

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