By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

MACON, GA — The Bonnie and Clyde couple who we reported on back in August, Whitney Taylor Frost, 23 and her Husband, Russell Scott Frost, 30, have been indicted for the inside robbery of the X-Mart.

Whitney Taylor was an employee at the X-Mart Adult Superstore when the staged armed robbery occurred. Once investigators dove into the case, they discovered that the couple had planned and executed the robbery. They were indicted back on Aug. 5 robbery in Bibb County Superior Court, according to a news release from District Attorney David Cooke’s office.

According to the indictment, Russell Frost allegedly was wielding a knife when he demanded money from the cash register in a armed robbery caught on the adult store’s surveillance cameras.

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Whitney Frost was not on duty at the time of the robbery. Police said that the employee who was on duty and behind the counter did not know about the set up. The robbery was caught on surveillance cameras and the ironic thing is the wife identified her husband as the culprit, the warrant stated.

This is not the first time the adult store has been robbed in an apparent inside job. Back in August 2009, Randy Joseph Clark was on duty as a cashier at the adult store when he reportedly faked an armed robbery too embezzle cash from the store.

Clark and his roommate, Russell Alan Lewis Jr., conspired together to rob the adult store. Clark was charged with false report of a crime and fiduciary theft.

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