By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO – Gay adult superstars Paddy O’Brian and Nicolas Brooks kick off a new feature film entitled Paranormal (2017).  While the multi-award winning gay erotica label is now shipping Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody (2017) and gearing up for Hide & Seek (2017) slated for Nov. 7, Paranormal is already laying the ground work for another blockbuster hit for Men/Pulse.

Once again the leading producers of gay porn parody films,, has unleashed its second Halloween gay porn series for the year with Paranormal (2017) and judging by the stills from scene one, Pulse Distribution is in for impressive numbers in retail when this one is released on DVD in 2018.

However for now, gay porn fans can witness Paranormal Part 1 (2017) with Paddy O’Brian whom you will remember from his recent performances in Dream Fucker (2017) and’s fresh new hit on DVD, Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody (2017) co-starring Johnny Rapid.  Nicolas Brooks whom you will remember his power bottoming skills in’s Boy Is Mine 1 (2017), Boy Is Mine 2 (2017) and Boy Is Mine 3 (2017).

“Paddy and his wife are staying in a spooky house. She runs off to take care of some errands and Paddy decides to invite Nicolas over for some sexy fun. The wife comes back early and catches them in the act, but Paddy finds a way to convince her that Nicolas isn’t really there.”

This gay porn ghost story is sure to catch gay porn bloggers by storm for the holiday season as’s releases more scenes from this stimulating extravaganza which features ghost hunters Gabriel Cross, Theo Ford, and the ghost himself Diego Reyes.

Cast: Paddy O’Brian | Nicolas Brooks

genres: horror | anal sex | blowjobs | muscles | Hairy

Directed by: N/A

Production co: Entertainment

Distributed by: Pulse | IVD | National/Universal | SpringTownDVD

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Paranormal Part 1 Release date: October 29, 2017

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