By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — Mateo Vice returns for a another mouthwatering performance with sexy newcomer Vincent O’Reilly who makes his debut on the Guys In Sweatpants Network where Vincent O’Reilly takes all of Mateo Vice’s manhood in one steamy bareback scene that will have gay porn fans sweating.

Gay adult newcomer Mateo Vice made his debut last month in a sensational Flip-Flop-bareback scene with sexy gay porn star Jaime Steel and now, after testing the fruits and joys of gay bareback porn, Mateo Vice is back and quite impressive along with his newcomer co-star Vincent O’Reilly exclusively on the Guys in Sweatpants Network.

“I think we made Mateo’s day when we told him we had a hot new guy with a big ass and big cock for with. He was even more stoked when he found out this new guy, Vincent, loves to get rough fucked and smacked around during it. The passion and kissing between these two at the beginning is amazing to watch, and it quickly transforms into some ass eating, raw and choke fucking hotness. You can see the look of excitement on Vincent’s face each time Mateo gets rough with him while fucking him balls deep. At one point, Mateo holds him down, plowing him face down ass up, and it’s a pure look of ecstasy on Vincent’s face. If you love cum eating and swapping, you’ll love the end of this video!”

Cast: Mateo Vice | Vincent O’Reilly

genres: Bareback | Anal Sex | Tattoos | Interracial

Production co: Guys In Sweatpants Studios

Distributed by: Guys in Sweatpants Studios

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: October 23, 2017

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