By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA — Topco Sales has unleashed its full-color catalogs in support of its best-selling brands, including CyberSkin, Penthouse, Climax and Vulcan strokers.

Topco Sales has upped its new release game and we’ve finally caught up putting our newest and top-selling brands on paper (literally and digitally) for our customers’ benefit,” said Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan. “Customers request print catalogs on the reg, so we made sure to provide print versions of our digital catalogs in order to assure everyone has what they need to learn more about new products and place orders.” said O’Bryan.

Available in print and digital form with selling features and specs for every SKU, these convenient catalogs make it easier for customers to keep up with new releases while assuring they stock the best and most-popular items from their favorite Topco Sales brands.

Retailers can now access and Download Digital Versions of each catalog and request print versions from their preferred representative; East Coast News | Eldorado | Honey’s Place | Nalpac | Williams Trading Co.

In addition to Topco Sales’ best-selling brands, catalogs highlighting the company’s 2017 Winter and Summer releases and Private Label Solutions will be available digitally for fast and easy education.

Topco Sales also has put B2C consumer materials for new 4M Training Gear, including simple and effective sexual endurance fitness routines, online for stores to download and print as needed.

The complete print catalog lineup features:

• Vulcan

• Average Joe

• CyberSkin

• Penthouse

• Climax/Climax Anal/Climax Cosmetics

• Japanese Silk Love Rope

• Squirtz

• 4M (B2B)

• 4M (B2C)

All print catalogs are available digitally in addition to:

• 2017 Winter New Releases

• 2017 Summer New Releases

• Private Label Solutions

For more information or to request print catalogs, contact Topco Sales at (818) 332-4600 | EMAIL

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