By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO, CA — ‘Big and Raw’ (2017) is what Helix Studios fans worldwide have been waiting for!  Just when you though multi-award winning director Keith Miller couldn’t out do himself after dropping his latest hit in retail with “Teen Rubdown‘ (2017), he drops a mouthwatering production starring Helix Studios exclusive gay superstars, Joey Mills and Corbin Colby starring in ‘Big and Raw’ (2017).

“There’s nothing like a beautiful boy with a big dick, except for when you have TWO! Twink superstar (looking super gorgeous here with his new clean cut look) is SUPER sensual with big dicked dynamo Corbin Colby from the opening shot where the epic duo are wrapped up in one another’s essence, making out like horny high schoolers. Corbin loves cock and he knows the piece of meat Mills carries between his legs, so our big beautiful beef cake is anxious to get at it.

Colby sits down and takes his time on the teen titan’s tube steak, working the boy’s low hangers and deep throating like a motha fucka! Mills puts some swag into fucking the hotties face. He grabs Corbin by the back of the neck and gags our gorgeous giant before Corbin lays back on the bed to say, “my turn.” Joey gives the almighty appendage the mouth watering attention it deserves with a deep throat, hot hand job combo. Now that Corbin’s magic stick is wet and ready, Joey jumps on and rides that fucker like the porn-tastic twink king he is. Colby reaches back to spread Mills smooth peach of an ass and caresses the kid all over as he does. The heat radiates off the screen from the chemistry between these two superstars! Corbin is getting revved up and starts slamming his salami inside our boy HARD.”

Cast: Joey Mills | Corbin Colby

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genres:  Gay Twinks | Rimming | Blowjobs | Big DicksBareback | Anal Sex

Produced and Directed by: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Direct

Country: USA

Language: English

Runtime: 21 Minutes

Release date: October 19, 2017

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