By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

VEENDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — The stimulating product launched last year at the EroFame 2016 Trade Show the Sway No. 1, has now made its debut with the next generation of Sway No.2, EDC Wholesale’s Sway No. 2 has confirmed that they are now shipping to retailers in the EU for immediate stocking.

According to EDC Wholesale’s sales division, “the modern rabbit vibrator is a luxurious toy, equipped with 2 powerful motors in each head. The entire vibrator is covered with a silky smooth silicone layer. The Sway No. 2 is waterproof and USB rechargeable. It is available in black, pink and purple.”

You will remember Sway No. 1 when it was launched at eroFame 2016 and according to the EDC representatives on hand at the show, visitors raved about the first series’ beautiful packaging, sleek design and two powerful motors.

Retailers in the EU can get immediate information about the Sway No.2 and marketing materials by contacting one of EDC Wholesale’s experienced account representatives at +31 598 690 453 | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube

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