By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

THE NETHERLANDS — The multi-award winning SHOTS! from the Netherlands, unveiled its 4 new exciting and stimulating brands at EroFame 2017 in Hanover, Germany.

Making their debut were “ElectroShock”, SLT (Self Lubrication Technology), Mancage and Pumped.

Within the walls of SHOTS massive trade show booth , they offered hundreds of new products from their proven revenue generating collections such as; GC, Ouch, Jill, Simplicity, Shots Toys, Goodfellas and the eye grabbing SONO!

In fact the sales division at SHOTS said that a number of their top selling brands were so successful that the company’s first production rounds were already sold out by the time the EroFame show got into full swing.

Owner of SHOTS! Oscar Heijnen and SHOTS America’s President and CEO Ruben Deitz, have good reason to celebrate!

One thing both the publicity division and sales division at SHOTS took away from EroFame 2017 is that the huge amount of attention and enthusiasm received from clients in attendance at EroFame 2017,  SHOTS knows that it is on track  for greater heights in  retail and adult consumers of all genres.

To confirm this, SHOTS took home the coveted award for Best Company of the Year for the 7th time in a row from both SIGN and EAN Magazines. Making the party complete, the top selling “Jill” Collection”, was given the award for ‘Most Innovative Product Line of the Year’.

To cap it all, SHOTS! owner Oscar Heijnen, was awarded the SIGN Magazine ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, making him one of the youngest entrepreneurs ever to receive this award.

Oscar Heijnen said…”We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming attention and plentiful compliments! All of this gives us an enormous boost to keep on developing more beautiful products and conquer the market even further!” said Heijnen.

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