By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

GAY MUSIC NEWS – In the Night (2017) is the latest track from hearth throb, gay erotica star and music artist Mickey Taylor  who dropped the music video of his latest single  ft OMC, on YouTube on Sept. 6 and already, the gay themed music video has already crossed over 100K mark.

This is a huge feat considering the adult theme warning synopsis posted on Micky Taylor’s YouTube Channel.

“*WARNING! This video contains scenes of substance abuse and scenes of a sexual nature and may not be suitable for all audiences. All scenes of a sexual and substance abuse nature are completely scripted and simulated by actors. None of the scenes displayed are real*”

Mickey Taylor dropped ‘In the Night’ ft OMC which is the prequel to his seven-part film series consisting of gay themed music videos based on Seven Deadly Sins!  You’ll remember when we brought you the first of the seven in this series with his release of “All Day”ft ØMC.

One of the hottest concepts in ‘In the Night’ (2017) is that it features clips including many from the cast of Nakedsword/Falcon Studio Group’s gay porn feature film, Guyspotting (2017).

Taylor also had behind the camera of “In the Night’ (2017) non-other than multi-award winning director Mr. Pam who also directed ‘Guyspotting’.  Produced by the one and only Tim Valenti, president of powerhouse Falcon Studios Group, Mickey Taylor is destined for major crossover promotional success in 2018.

Plus make sure to check this hot cast in Nakedsword’s “Guyspotting‘ (2017) now available on VOD and DVD worldwide.

Cast: Mickey Taylor | Kayden Gray | Gabriel Pheonix | Michael Wyatt | Billy Rock

Genres: Gay Music Videos | Pop Music

Directed by: Mr. Pam | Mickey Taylor

Produced by: Tim Valenti

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Watch “In the Night ft OMC”

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