By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

GRANDVIEW, OH – For more than forty-five years, the Lion’s Den Adult Superstores have been the official store of Pleasure, Passion and Romance, which can be expressed in a variety of ways and now they have once again expanded their reach opening its 46th brick & mortar location in Columbus, OH.

The new Lion’s Den Adult Superstore opened its new doors in the Grandview Heights district of Columbus located at 1055 W. Fifth Avenue,  will no doubt generate huge buzz in the community as a place for Women, Men, Couples of all genres to shop for their pleasure products needs.

For decades the Lion’s Den has provided pleasure products in a comfortable and upbeat atmosphere; along with the education needed for their patrons to confidently express whichever form of sexuality they choose.

The Lion’s Den brings nothing the very best in adult merchandise including:

* Sex Toys for Women, Men & Couples
* Fetish & Bondage Gear
* Lingerie and Apparel
* Sensual Care Products
* Supplements & Stimulants
* Adult DVDs and Literature
* Tobacco Accessories & Cleansers (Select Locations Only)
* Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Supplies
* Gifts, Games and More!

While there were a few local residents upset at their new member of the community, the vast majority of local residents are welcoming the legendary Adult retailer to the neighborhood.

In fact, Pete Potenzini, director of marketing for the Lion’s Den Adult Superstore retail chain, told local press outlets via email…“We are excited to join such a vibrant and quickly developing business community.” said Potenzini. “We’re proud of our stores and how we’ve evolved into a mainstream brand in order to meet the expectations of an increasingly savvy and sophisticated customer base. We hope people will visit our store and experience what the new Lion’s Den has to offer to women, men and especially couples.” said Potenzini.

Lion’s Den has also been a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community for decades and I couldn’t resist bringing you their appearance at the 2017 Columbus PRIDE Parade for your review.

Too find a Lion’s Den Adult Superstore near you, visit their Official Store Locator .

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