By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

UNITED KINGDOM — ForPlay Lubricants continues its massive expansion worldwide it has inked a new distribution deal with the United Kingdom’s largest sexual healthcare companies, LTC Healthcare.

Headed by Andy Taylor, LTC’s Managing Director, LTC Healthcare was founded in 1993 and continues to be one of the largest suppliers of condoms in the United Kingdom to the National Health Service (NHS).

It also offers the widest range of Sexual Health Products in the UK and Europe including; HIV Testing, Durex Bulk Condoms, EXS Retail and and EXS bulk condoms.

ForPlay’s sizzling new Gels, Gel-Plus, Liquid, Lube Deluxe, PrePair Spermicidal, Succulents, as well as the newest Premier Gel and Premier Gel Plus, will be featured this week in LTC Healthcare’s booth at Erofame taking place now Oct. 11 through Oct 13 in Hanover, Germany.

“I am so honored and excited for the opportunity to work with Andy and his team at LTC Healthcare.” said ForPlay’s President and CEO, Carmen Mortazavi. “Their dedication to providing the public with the safest and highest quality products is parallel to ForPlay’s company mission,” said Mortazavi.

Since 1980, ForPlay has lead the industry in formulating high quality, premium lubricants to pharmaceutical standards.  As one of the leading lubricant manufacturers on the market today, all  ForPlay Lubricants are 501(k) compliant.

Make sure to review the article on ForPlay by JRL CHARTS reporter Andy Powell on Friday Oct. 13.

Retailers in the UK can get more information on Forplay through LTC Healthcare by calling +44 (0)1423 326687 | Email | Twitter

For more information on ForPlay Lubricants or to place an order, contact ForPlay Lubricants corporate offices at (714) 340-0163 | Fax: (714) 693-1882 | Email | Facebook | Twitter

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