By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS — Now a days some members of our community call coming out as an insult as we are the same as our heterosexual counterparts but there are many who feel that there is no such thing as right or wrong in deciding to come out to your family, friends and co-workers.

Which makes our LGBTQ National Coming Out Day unique!

In a first for honoring National Coming Out Day (Oct. 11), Media Ad Executives were captured on video by VideoOut to express their individual experiences of queer people within the media advertising world.

Founder and executive producer of VideoOut Jordan Reeves, told HuffPost that coming out for members of our community is still of vital importance as we as a “rite of passage” for LGBTQ people, especially in a political climate that’s adverse to queer rights.

“In a United States full of antigay leaders pushing for antigay policies, I believe coming out is the most powerful political act an LGBTQ person can take,” he said. “It empowers those just starting their journey and affirms the work of those who have fought for LGBTQ equality throughout the years. It is a public declaration that you not only celebrate your difference and embrace it wholeheartedly, but you are prepared to stand up for it and fight equality.”

Like in any industry which the video highlights, the path towards acceptance has its own advantages as well as their obstacles but it always comes back to each and every individual’s experiences.

Watch the heart warming and motiving promo from VideoOut and make sure to bookmark them as well. Happy Coming Out Day to all of the LGBTQ community nationwide.

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