By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS — Sam Tsui, the American singer/songwriter and video producer who rose to fame as an internet celebrity has certified is fame with the drop of his new single “Cameo” (2017).

The extremely sexy openly gay music artist has a hit on his hands with his new single and music, “Cameo” where he exhibits his talents in full fashion. I’m waiting to see if “Cameo” park itself into the multi-millions library of Sam Tsui’s YouTube channel.

Debuting just two weeks ago on the Gay Music Chart Week 41 at No. 34, he spring boards up 7 points to number 27 with “Cameo”.

“Cameo” (2017) is the first single from the upcoming album arriving later this year.

Sam Tsui posted the following on his YouTube Channel, “Huge thanks to the #Samily for the love you’ve been showing this single so far, cannot wait for you to see what else is coming. Get excited, guys, and if you’re liking the music, don’t forget to spread the word!” said Tsui.

Music Artist: Sam Tsui

Music category: Pop

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Official Website:

Management: Right Light Management

Bookings: Sam Tsui Promotions

Record Labels: Mud Hut Digital | Sh-K-Boom

Dancers: Kayla Kalbfleisch | Jordan Dodderer | Laura Quinn | Lee Gumbs

Directed by: Jade Ehlers

Director of Photography: Manny Figueroa

Choregrapher: Kayla Kalbfleisch

Production co: Sweet Boy Films

Music Video Release date: 09-26-17

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