By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS — Former Grammy award winning boy band member of N’Sync, Lance Bass, has come out blasting the Red Cross over their ban on Gay men donating blood following the Las Vegas Massacre.

Bass also had hard words pertaining to gun control in the U.S. The star not only went off on social media about his efforts to donate blood as a gay man and even did a video highlighting his frustration.

When Bass now 38, found out that was unable to give blood to the victims due to a Red Cross ban, he sounded off in a video to TMZ on the U.S. policy that prohibits some gay men from donating blood.

“Every time a tragedy like this happens, I get reminded that I can’t donate blood. People just don’t know that there is a ban on my blood and we have to educate people out there that there is this stigma on my blood, my gay blood, and it needs to change,” he said in the video. “This tragedy has brought us together, and I honestly don’t have faith that this country is going to come together and make any common sense gun laws right now, so I would love, out of this tragedy, to have something good come from it. I think this ban on blood should be the easiest thing to pass.”

The current police of the Food and Drug Administration prohibits gay men from donating blood if they’ve engaged in any kind of sexual encounter with another man within the last 12 months.

According to the FDA, the policy is intended to ensure that the spread of HIV isn’t exacerbated through the blood donation process, and gay men were initially considered to be the highest carriers of the disease when the regulation was established.

However Lance Bass stated that all blood is now tested before being distributed for usage to donors regardless of the person’s sexual orientation. As a result, Bass says that he feels that the rule is discriminatory to gay men.

“Shame on the Red Cross for not being a leader in this over the last 20 years to help relieve the stigma of HIV in gay man’s blood and donating,” he said. “They should really be the ones at the forefront of this movement.”


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