By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

HOLLYWOOD, CA — When I first got a glimpse at LatinBoyz 20-year-old Colombian newcomer CODY, I new that they had a star on the horizon.

The multi-award winning gay porn label premiered CODY for the kick off of the 2017 Fall season on Sept. 21 and now the gay porn blogs are taking notice!

LatinBoyz Entertainment’s publicity division said the following of their latest discovery from Colombia.

Our photographer had just packed his bags at the end of his recent trip to Colombia but had some time to kill before catching his flight home, so he went to the shopping center across the street where he ran into Cody looking sexy in his sweats and white muscle shirt. He knew he had to work fast. Luckily Cody didn’t need much convincing and they literally started the photo shoot less than 15 minutes after they met. One thing is for sure, Cody loves getting his dick sucked and his ass fucked.

Cast: CODY

Production co: LatinBoyz Entertainment

Country: USA

Language: English

LatinBoyz Entertainment members are in for a treat when they feast their eyes on all of the latest newcomers now streaming on the LatinBoyz Network.

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